Mobile Training Toolkit (MTT) for Solar PV Training

MTT Set Up
Pictured Above: MTT-E (left) and MTT-L (right) fully assembled

The VOCTEC Mobile Training Toolkit (MTT) product line is a portable and comprehensive solar PV training laboratory for education institutions and other training organizations. Each MTT incorporates all major solar PV components of a typical Solar Home System (SHS), and includes all necessary test equipment, required tools and supplementary educational materials to conduct vocational, hands-on training exercise as for students, installers, and other professionals.

The MTT product portfolio currently consist of two versions: 1) MTT Extended (MTT-E) and 2) MTT Light (MTT-L). Both versions come in rugged and heavy-duty transport and storage cases with all components and parts safely contained in multi-layer foam. The new MTT-L is a smaller version of the original MTT-E and allows easier shipment and handling.

“Overall, the labs component was a huge success… the MTTs were a great resource and with the hard case and quality components will give us the best bet of surviving the conditions here.”

--Gavin Pereira, VOCTEC Regional Coordinator at the Suva, Fiji Educators Training

MTT Product Line

As part of the VOCTEC program, the MTT was conceived, designed and developed by ASU’s Photovoltaic Reliability Laboratory (PRL). The design and selection criteria for the major MTT parts were dictated by its intended application (heavy training usage on-campus and in remote locations with recurring set-up and disassembly) and the typical environmental and climatic conditions found in many parts of the world (specifically heat, humidity and ocean salt). The most critical system components were thoroughly tested and selected on the basis of performance, durability (stress tests) and user friendliness.

The MTT product portfolio currently consists of two versions: 1) MTT-E and 2) MTT-L Additional MTT versions will be released in the near future, for example, MTT-L DC only version, a version for grid-connect systems or a specialized version for operations and maintenance personnel.

MTT Extended (MTT-E) ?

MTT Extended (MTT-E)

Weight: 65 kg

Dimensions: 95.3 x 68.9 x 36.5 (cm)


MTT Light (MTT-L) ?

MTT Light (MTT-L)

Weight: 21kg

Dimensions: 57.2 x 39.4 x 30.5 (cm)


Training Manual

Both MTT versions include a user-friendly, outdoor-suitable and visually rich solar PV hands-on training manual, designed for instructors and educators from universities, technical colleges, vocational schools, and other training organizations. The VOCTEC Solar PV Hands-On Training Manual is an essential companion teaching tool complementary to the respective solar PV classroom training modules. The manual contains a step-by-step picture guide for setting up and disassembling the MTT, making it easy for students to complete the process. Detailed and visual exercises along with worksheets for instructors and students are included and organized buy training topic. Each training topic complements the classroom training modules and assists the instructor to conduct practical, hands-on solar PV related training exercises for students, technicians, electricians, and other professionals, from solar fundamentals, system components, design and installation, and operation and troubleshooting. The current version of the MTT training manual is in English, but other language versions, such as French or Spanish, can be made available by request.

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