Women Educators in Kenya learn solar PV technologies

Women Educators from institutions and organizations near Nairobi, Kenya, gathered for an all-women solar photovoltaics course, held at Strathmore University. This was the 2nd such training held exclusively for women under Arizona State University's VOCTEC training curriculum, sponsored by USAID. Prior trainings had shown that women were more likely to register for an all-women class. This event saw attendance by 26 women, representing various institutions throughout Kenya.  

The 8-day course provided instruction designed to teach how to present PV instructional material and demonstrate PV hands-on activities. The course included strategies to leverage inclusion when training solar PV technicians and how to use the VOCTEC Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform for resources, games, and community discussions. The training was well received by attendees who commented, “I loved the training it was very educative. We were well-trained on the hands-on”  and “The training was enjoyable and I liked the way [the instructor] was encouraging us.”

VOCTEC's unique Assessment and Evaluation components aim to measure the success of the training by looking at skill levels prior to training and after, as well as student perceptions about their knowledge. Students who not only gain the skills, but gain confidence in their ability to teach, are more likely to move forward to holding their own PV technician courses. For this event, on a scale ranging from 'not confident' to 'very confident', the trainees' perceived confidence level in their ability to perform future technician training was very high, averaging 90%.