ASU’s VOCTEC program expands into Palestine

Arizona State University is expanding the reach of its VOCTEC program into the State of Palestine through its Empower Kids Palestine program. The Empower Kids Palestine program ( has combined the installation of solar PV systems in three secondary schools in the West Bank with an innovative, interactive science education curriculum. The program introduces introducing a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to learning to encourage students to engage with the science used to power their school — photovoltaic renewable energy

As a logical expansion of this program and in close collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Energy, ASU will be expanding its capacity-building initiative to workforce development programs in Palestine’s technical colleges and industrial schools by implementing ASU’s globally recognized VOCTEC (Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy) program.

“This will ensure that skilled and well-rounded technical professionals will be available to competently design, install and maintain current and future solar PV energy systems in Palestine. Furthermore, it will also give interested K-12 students a path for career opportunities in clean energy through TVET and diploma programs.” explains VOCTEC Project Manager Bulent Bicer. “With this holistic approach, ASU will have implemented a very comprehensive educational approach on clean energy in the State of Palestine encompassing students from middle schools to industrial schools to technical colleges to polytechnic universities.”

A team from ASU representing ASU’s College of Education, International Development and ASU’s VOCTEC program visited the West Bank from June 26 to July 1, 2016 to evaluate the current status of the Empower Kids program, to discuss the expanded VOCTEC program with various stakeholders and to establish a consensus for the VOCTEC implementation approach. Based on the results of this trip, ASU will be conducting a train-the-trainer workshop for educators from 11 technical colleges, polytechnic universities and industrial schools in Palestine. In addition, ASU will be supplying 12 of its renowned solar PV Mobile Training Toolkits (MTTs) to these institutions as training infrastructure to ensure that vocational training on solar PV energy systems can be done in an on-going, practical and hands-on fashion.